Knowledge-Centered Service methodology
KCS adoption & transformation
Get a complete overview of the whole KCS journey, next available steps, dependencies, and achievements, exploring Swarmica Development Tree that guides you through all KCS techniques and phases.
Measure the success of adoption
Whether you're just starting with KCS or looking to improve your existing knowledge management practices, our KCS Enablement Platform makes it easy to achieve success. With our comprehensive set of tools, automated workflows, and AI-powered capabilities, you can streamline your support process and improve customer satisfaction in no time.

A link between an article and associated tickets provides automatic taxonomy for patterns and trends of challenges customers have with the product. Through an understanding of these patterns and trends product management and engineering can influence user experience through product improvement described in the article..

Knowledge management
Categorization and user interface. Branding capabilities or API integration into existing portals and products.
Agents workspaces
A unified workspace for ticket management and knowledge base. Content creation and updates are seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Linking tickets to articles provides data for customer demand analysis and resource allocation for publication, as well as CX analytics.
User-friendly editor
The editor switches between WYSIWYG and Markdown modes.
Quality Assurance
Ensuring quality in ticket handling and published articles through agent performance monitoring. Criteria evaluation cards.