KCS enabled helpdesk
Customizable views and workspaces
Configurable views and access based on ticket groups, statuses, priorities, and other properties.
Support channels
Personal account workspace and feedback form. Perfect for deflecting incoming flow and providing solutions even at the ticket creation stage.
Events audit
Transparency in ticket actions aids in analysis and quality control.
SLA management
Configurable priorities, counters, schedules, and reports based on them. Assignment to company, user, or license keys.
Analytics and reports
Team and personal scorecards. Data export to SQL, CSV, or XLS formats.
Open API. Collaboration with development through integration with task trackers (Jira and GitLab). Flexible integration with your CRM, licensing systems, SSO, and more.
Automate ticket assignment based on clients, companies, priorities, time zones, schedules, and any additional attributes. Assign specific tasks to the most skilled agents in this area.
  • Response templates
    Create shared or personalized response templates for agents.
  • Ticket workflow
    Utilize the industry-standard ticket lifecycle, customizing your workflow to manage customer interactions, development expectations, and more.
  • Custom fields and attributes
    Create custom fields and attributes for tickets, knowledge base articles, users, and more. Tailor the system to fit your products.
  • Information capture
    The pinned comments feature enables you to draw attention or preserve important information related to the ticket prominently.
  • Setting up schedules
    Configure work schedules for your teams and/or for clients in different time zones to ensure accurate SLA calculation within business hours.
  • Runtime scripts
    For advanced users: write your own Python scripts to automate actions, both within the help desk and for interaction with external systems.