What challenges are we addressing?
Cost Saving
Long-term optimization of workforce and technical support costs.
Increase time to proficiency
Cut down expenses on recruitment, hiring, and onboarding support personnel through effective knowledge management and updates.
Unlocking Efficiency: Streamlined Digitalization and Performance Reporting
By leveraging CX analytics within the KCS methodology, we automate the collection of data on product pain points and areas for improvement. This ultimately boosts user loyalty by enhancing their experience.

We assist support leaders in achieving tangible goals

Eliminate staff attrition headaches once and for all!
Lower the barrier to entry for new hires. With Swarmica, you can train and develop newcomers, cutting time and resources by 50%.
The more impressive the KPIs, the greater the bonuses!
Boost query resolution by 25% through optimizing average resolution time. Increase the percentage of queries resolved on first response by 50%.
Address company business objectives and achieve your career goals!
Stay ahead by deflecting up to 30% of requests through efficient utilization of the knowledge base and other self-service channels! Optimize your staff and curb the rise in support service expenses!