Knowledge Base
Content Health Check

Run Content Health Check process in your Zendesk Support Suite seamlessly
Content Health Check helps you keep
the knowledge base in the best shape
The expected result is a higher quality of created & published articles, more satisfied customers, and increased volume deflection.
  • Easy to start
    Install, choose evaluators and start grading your articles. No need to make complex rubrics configuration.
  • Zendesk Integration
    Out of the box integration with Zendesk Support Suite. A few clicks installation.
  • Boost Efficiency
    Using KCS® methodology's approach under the hood, it provides the most efficient method for content health check
1 min
For installation
1 day
For initial adoption
Up to 30%
Average volume deflection reported by customers who has a healthy knowledge base
Three steps to great customer-facing knowledge base
  • Define evaluators
    Define people within your team who will check updated articles from time to time
  • Start grading
    Let them quickly rate articles with simple list of quality criteria
  • Check out scorecard
    See how the process goes with company-wide, per-team and per-agent scorecards to make changes