Best Practices
Driving Your Support
Swarmica is the knowledge management platform, that integrates into your current support ecosystem to amplify the wisdom of your team
Knowledge-Centered Support Service
Streamline the KCS-driven process of enriching the knowledge base into the general customer service workflow with the seamless integration into your helpdesk tool
Automated Quality Assurance
Ensure the top-notch quality of your customer service with the AI-enhanced QA module, that helps evaluating not only agents' responses to tickets, but also quality of the knowledge base content
Swarming Intelligence
Utilize the collective knowledge of your team to up-skill new hires without additional investment into training procedures and let them develop in a regular job environment from the very beginning
Complete and seamless integration with the most popular support system. Just start using Swarmica modules with the existing setup of Zendesk Support and Guide without any painful migration
More results. Less bottlenecks.
You keep providing a great customer service, we'll handle the routine stuff about workflow, quality assurance and reporting to the stakeholders
Agent Onboarding
Gamification-powered onboarding wizard helps new hires setup their workplaces and get started with job duties with less traction and interruption
Ad-hoc Integration
No need to replace your support toolkit – add all capabilities to your existing helpdesk and knowledge base software with a few clicks in the no-code integration wizard.
State of Art Editor
Easy-to-use articles editor, that makes creating and updating the knowledge base seamless and effortless. Branching and versioning system ensures the consistency and safety of the information
AI-aided Perfromance KPI
Cover the knowledge with AI-powered quality assurance, evaluating multiple aspects of agents' compliance with workflow rules. In conjunction with with gamification it provides powerful staff performance review tool
Role-based Reporting Dashboards
Whether a support agent, team lead, department head or C-level executive, you get a tailored dashboard that provides you with an insights on the current customer service metrics and pending tasks
Rest API and Integrations
Customize integration with any 3rd-party tools using our Rest API, web hooks and out-of-the box Zapier app
Business Outcomes
Here is what your company can achieve in just few months
Hire Cheaper & Speed Up Time To Proficiency
Lower the entry bar for level of your new hires – with the help of Swarmica you can higher junior and middle-level specialists and bring them up 50% quicker to the required proficiency level without investing any additional resources.
Resolve Tickets Faster & Decrease Volume
Resolve tickets up to 15% faster, using the Swarming Intelligence model, to bring on existing expertise just in the right time. KCS-driven content drives ticket deflection up to 25%
Save on Headcount & Reduce Costs
Ticket deflection in conjunction with lower handle time allows to endure higher volumes of requests without extending the staff which helps to avoid potential costs growth.
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